The Numbers Game

                                                              by Lee Simons

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house -

the bosses were scurrying to get the mail out.

One could well ask, “What is their reason?”

The answer is plain—You know who they’re pleasin’!

Their game of numbers is not too involved; 

Do more with less help—so be it resolved!

There’s gold in those figures—good numbers reward!

A big juicy bonus is what they strive toward!

But here is the sin—the crux of it all;

Rewards are divided in ways that appall.

The bosses receive that big sum of money,

while workers get smiles, dripping with “Honey!”.

They verbally give you soft pats on the back;

Of pizzas and treats, they never show lack.

But keep your trinkets, we ask you, O Scrooge!

Think us your fools - or some kind of stooge?

We are the workers who give you our best!

Award certificates? Surely you jest!

Here is the sum—don’t think it funny;

Now is the time to “Show us the money!”